IT system security: everyone is concerned !




Whether you are...

A receptionist, system administrator, manager or IT security manager, you have something in common: you are all connected to an information system.

The information system is the brain of a company : it hosts today's knowledge for tomorrow's growth.

It is vital to protect it to ensure the long-term future of a company, and from system user to administrator, we all have a role to play in protecting it, technically and in terms of processes and management.

From awareness-raising to certification

Aware of this issue, Phosforea can provide help for all your learners by offering a complete program:


You raise the awareness of all your all staff on IT system security



You develop the skills of your employees



You value the skills of your employees


The Phosforea method

4 levels of training

Because we are all different and our skills and objectives are too, Phosforea allows each learner to take a training course suited to his or her needs while taking into account what the learners already know.

Blended-learning approach

The blended-learning approach* by Phosforea allows you to optimise training time for all your employees and reduce travel time to training sites, while guaranteeing a quality training course.

Blended-learning: training provided by several cumulative learning methods. The main ones are:

A market place with expert content

Our content is made by experts in IT security, and since we cannot be an expert in everything, Phosforea also hosts content from accredited partners.

Do you also have expertise in cyber security? Are you a content producer looking for a simple and economical solution to deliver your e-learning courses for a professional public?

Become a Phosforea contributor

Personalised or "tailored" content

Highly customisable content: at Phosforea we know that every business is unique, and because we control our entire production chain from the design of the storyboard to the final posting online our content can be adapted to your needs.

Custom content : we have all the necessary skills to develop training content with you or for you that is tailored to your needs.

Can't you find training that is tailored to your needs in our catalogue?


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