Awareness-raising: Security is everyone's business !




Raising the awareness of your employees on IT security in 11 modules

Phosforea gives you access to awareness-raising campaigns easy to drive thanks to a simple and user-friendly e-learning platform.

Target audience: receptionist, system administrator, manager or production team, Phosforea is for everyone in the company.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian

Modality: 100% e-learning. Final quiz to confirm reflex acquisition.


Creating a complex password and understanding its usefulness

Learning best security practices
Creating complex password
Remembering passwords

USB devices

Using USB devices safely

Learning about protection methods
Understanding practical recommendations
Responding to an infection

Data access

Learning what a piece of data is, how to access it, and how it can be protected

Recognising the various types of data
Discovering the levels of confidentiality, of permissions and means of access
Managing data

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Understanding best practice for using personal equipment at work

Understanding the risks associated with the use of personal devices
Understanding the impact for a company
Practical recommendations


Differentiating between malicious e-mails and legitimate e-mails

Learning about the sources of threats
Understanding the difference between phishing and spam
Responding to an infection

Social engineering

Understanding the mechanisms of unfair information acquisition

Preventing the risk of divulging sensitive information
Learning about hacking techniques
Decrypting the CEO scam

Internet security

Browsing the Internet safely

Understanding how a browser works
Understanding the risks associated with Internet browsing
Learning about suitable recommendations for safe navigation

Physical security

Understanding why and how to be aware of physical safety in the workplace

Preventing equipment theft and information leaks
Developing good habits
Understanding the practical recommendations

Staff mobility

Observing safety rules when travelling

Understanding the risks associated with business travel
Maintaining confidentiality and the integrity of information you have
Sending professional equipment safely

Responding to a security incident

Developing good habits after a security incident

Recognising security incidents
Learning how to prevent an incident and raising the alarm
Responding effectively to security incidents


You want to raise the awareness of your employees through video tutorials?


Get familiar with cybersecurity thanks to a simple vocabulary: password, cryptovirus, data privacy… In order to facilitate acquisition of reflexes and good practices.

Topics covered by videos:




1-2 MIN / VIDEO 9 Languages

Reporting, tracking and dashboard to follow up and send reminders to your learners:
Phosforea is also a simple and user-friendly e-learning platform.

PCI-DSS, electronic banking services, healthcare, industrial control systems: a cyber-awareness program for each sector!

Cybersecurity concerns all sectors and every activity: our experts have developed specific awareness modules, adapted to the problematics and issues of your business.

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