A comprehensive approach to increase
the security skills of your employees.

Our security experts will assist you with your training activities and awareness-raising.

Creating employee adherence

A successful awareness-raising campaign also requires good internal communication.

We can help you to prepare your employees using posters, triptychs, competitions, and internal mailings to tell them about your campaign. .

Managing skills

Upon request, our platform will keep certifications and skills acquired by your employees.

You centralise the tracking information, and your employees can find their security skills file in 1 click..

Submitting customised awareness-raising material

To arise the interest of your employees in your awareness campaign, we can incorporate graphics specific to your company: your logo, your colours, your mascot, etc.

Our multimedia team can customise you media, and you won't have to worry about a thing !

Creating customised training courses for each employee

Our e-learning tool can, if you wish, include an intuitive system for creating a personalised schedule for each learner.

So, each employee will be offered a customised course based on their current knowledge and skills, so they don't have to spend time on things they already know how to do

This type of "tailor-made" training includes the following steps :

  1. Assessment of initial skills
  2. Automatic allocation of modules to follow
  3. On-line training
  4. Final assessment

Adding live workshops and seminars to your e-learning sessions

Whether for training or awareness-raising, e-learning will save you a lot of time.

Nevertheless, experience shows that it is often necessary to supplement the on-line training course with face-to-face sessions: this is what we call blended learning, a mix of face-to-face and on-line training that optimises the results of your campaigns.

From the Manager seminar to launch an awareness-raising campaign to face-to-face training sessions via e-learning modules, Phosforea can offer solutions suited to your needs..

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