Phosforea offers a cyber-security training
created by SCASSI.

13 years
of IT security experience

400 face-to-face trainees every year
trainees every year

50 major
clients internationally

97% customer

Training in computer security viewed by SCASSI

People are what we are concerned about

In the world of cybercrime, people are, as always, the prime target of criminals. Anti-virus and other firewall software is not the only solution. Awareness-raising and improved skills are essential to guarantee company security.

On-the-ground security experience

Entrust the vocational training of your employees to experts! Be it the security policy, incident management, ISO 27001, or your Business Continuity Plan, we have the required expertise in all areas to do with IT system security. Our job: technical and organisational security for large industrial groups. The result: we are constantly up-to-date and offer a multi-level approach based on the profiles and risk level of our clients.

Blended learning as a pragmatic approach

At SCASSI, we know from experience that a good training program must be flexible and suited to its audience. That is why we offer mixed sessions, combining classroom training and on-line courses. Blended learning is the winning formula: the flexibility of e-learning with the interactivity of the classroom!

Employee behaviour is at the heart of cyber security issues

The Birth of Phosforea

Apart from technical matters, it is human behaviour that is at the heart of security matters. Security culture, education / employee awareness-raising, and understanding the issues for the company are all factors that have an impact on the level of exposure of your company to a cyber-attack.

Key dates for Phosforea


The creation of SCASSI

SCASSI was created in the garage of its founder Laurent PELUD, who is now the CEO of the SCASSI Group. His mission: consultancy and auditing in computer security.


Risky knowledge R&D project

The R&D department of SCASSI obtained Leonardo da Vinci funding from the European Commission, and launched its R&D project to develop a framework of skills and tools for on-line training in cyber security


Opening of the Paris office

The Paris office of SCASSI was opened in Paris, and from this site, it has been dealing with the North of France market


Opening of the Spain office

The Spanish subsidiary of SCASSI was opened in Madrid, and SCASSI CIBERSEGURIDAD, its Spanish subsidiary, was created. Its mission: to position SCASSI as the leader in the Iberian market of critical system security and embedded components


Launch of Phosforea

The mark was registered, the R&D department, after two years of work, gave birth to a beautiful product: Phosforea, the e-learning platform for professional training in cyber security.


New version of Phosforea

The Phosforea offering kicks it up a notch. The content catalogue grew. Ever more features and an optimised customer experience for tracking on-line training.


Would you like to join in the fun?

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